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New Jersey Women On the Move

November 2016

Three outstanding local innovators expand business boundaries. 

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Female-Owned Coworking Spaces Are Changing The Workplace

October 12, 2016

The spread of coworking spaces could be the beginning of a major shift in the corporate climate – especially for women.

Studies have found that the flexibility and autonomy associated with coworking yields greater productivity and happiness among employees. As the idea progresses, companies of all sizes are beginning to adopt the coworking model in their own environment.

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People That You Meet

August 12, 2016

If you could have a super-power, what would it be? Make time stand still. 

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Rent Yourself Some ‘Mental Space’ at South Orange’s ‘Work and Play’ Co-Working Facility

July 30, 2015

On Monday, South Orange officials and families oohed and ahhhed as they toured Work and Play, a new co-working space with optional childcare, during its official grand opening celebration.

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‘Work and Play’ in South Orange Helps Parents Balance Work and Family

January 22, 2015
One out of every three people in United States is a freelancer, and many other workers  telecommute from home full-time or occasionally. Though working from home has its benefits — especially for parents of young children — it can be isolating. There are times when nothing can substitute for interacting with peers in a communal space.

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Coworking spaces hit a wall when it comes to offering childcare

April 1, 2015
For all the little problems entrepreneurs have solved in their community, they have yet to crack one of the biggest — providing affordable, accessible child-care to young workers who desperately need it.

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7 coworking spaces with childcare designed for better work-life balance

June 13, 2015
There are almost 1,000 coworking spaces located across the country, but only a handful offer on-site childcare for entrepreneurs with a second title — Mom or Dad.

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