How We Work

Pivoting from coworking space to online community, we offer social connection and networking in this time of social distancing.

Virtual programming for kids and adultes of all ages! Create your own schedule day-by-day, and drop in for a class or social meet up!

Professional development, social meet-ups, kids activities and more, to keep you connected to community during COVID-19.

Coworking with childcare since 2015. When we’re not social distancing, we are a shared office space community and licensed early childhood center.

About Founder, Deborah Engel

Deborah Engel founded Work and Play in 2012, to help manage career and family. She co-founded General Store Cooperative, a co-retail website and new flagship co-retail storefront, in 2017 to  create new revenue streams for makers and small businesses. Upon announcing Work and Play’s closing due to COVID-19 on March 13th, Deborah pivoted to advocacy, forming a Facebook group lobbying for relief, that has grown into a sharing resource for business owners and independent contractors across the United States. 

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Entrepreneurs Are Getting Creative in the Co-Working Space

In South Orange, New Jersey, former publicist Deborah Engel was expecting her third child when she found an ideal space to house a combination co-working venue and preschool….

  • It is with great sadness that I announce that Work and Play will be closing our doors to coworking and childcare as of June 5th. While I still wholeheartedly believe in the concept, I don’t see a way to continue the model while keeping our......

  • As we look back on the past six weeks since our closing, we reflect on how we’ve been adapting, pivoting, supporting and learning. We’ve had Zoom check ins, work sprints, webinars, happy hours and early childhood morning meetings, and we’ve had laughter, stories and tears.......