Heart Rate Training

Heart Rate Training

Hi! It’s Deborah, founder of Work and Play and co-founder of General Store. Healthy living has become an important part of my own personal work/life balance. I try to live by the mentality that I learned with the Beachbody 21 Day Fix program: Live healthy 80% of the time and don’t stress over the other 20%. Only, my 80/20 has somehow flipped!

Knowing that I stay on course better in a competitive or challenging environment, this weekend I decided to spend $160 on the Train Like a Mother heart rate training challenge. The program is 20 weeks of training, which will culminate – for me – with the Philadelphia Half Marathon in November.

My goal is a 2 hours 30 mins pace, and to FEEL GOOD during the training cycle and after the 13.1 miles of running. I’m not too scared of the 4 days a week of long, slow running or of the race itself since I’ve tackled a few half marathons in the past. But I am a little frightened that I won’t really stick with it for 20 weeks.

Writing or journaling is another thing I don’t stick with. I wrote diaries for years as a kid, and then just didn’t. When I redesigned my website, I was so excited to launch an e-magazine focusing on work/life balance and featuring personal essays. And yet, I haven’t gotten to it. It’s so easy to put things off, isn’t it?

I’m hoping this new column, following me on my 20 weeks of heart rate training, will help keep me accountable in both areas: Keeping up with 20 weeks of training and get me back to writing again. Plus, hopefully I’ll learn something along the way.

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Deborah Engel