Virtual Memberships

Virtual Memberships

As we look back on the past six weeks since our closing, we reflect on how we’ve been adapting, pivoting, supporting and learning. We’ve had Zoom check ins, work sprints, webinars, happy hours and early childhood morning meetings, and we’ve had laughter, stories and tears.

When we opened our doors over five years ago, we wrote:

Our jobs may be different, but we are all trying to achieve balance as we juggle our kids, our work, our spouses, our dinner menus, our health, our commute, our bills, our birthday parties, our vacations, and most of all, our sanity.

At Work and Play… our mission is to provide flexible solutions for parents trying to balance work and family.

That juggling we wrote about? That hasn’t changed; in fact, it’s quite possibly become an even bigger balancing act as everyone shifts to working from home and social distancing. Those little kids? They aren’t going to feed or entertain themselves, and they are processing some big emotions. And the bigger ones? They need their grown up to help them with their online learning plans, and bigger kids have even bigger emotions, especially during this uncertain time.

Our Work and Play mission hasn’t changed either. We are still here to provide a flexible solution for parents trying to balance work and family. And while we may not be able to open our doors to care for your children during the day, or to offer you a quiet place to work, we can still offer you a strong sense of community and programming to help structure your week.

Introducing… our Work and Play Virtual Memberships.

Our Virtual Membership provides you with a weekly calendar of events to help structure your work and/or parenting day. Grab a cup of coffee with Sarah each weekday morning, take part in a movement, science or art class with our early childhood teachers or attend a webinar on topics such as the Paycheck Protection Program or Estate Planning documents, all while meeting, networking and socializing with other local members.

We offer the same virtual membership plan at three price points – $25, $50 or $75 per month – to allow you to pay what you can afford, during this COVID-19 crisis. Plus, we are offering TWO WEEK TRIALS if you register before Mother’s Day!

We at Work and Play thrive on building community and making connections, and this is a rough time to be away from our creative members who inspire us. We hope that through our virtual offerings, we’ll all be able to continue to meet new people, connect and build relationships, all while social distancing.


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